Scale Management

Soft-Pak's NTEP/CTEP certified Scale Management product easily facilitates transactional control  at any scale site. Delivered via the 'cloud', Scale Management eliminates the need for local servers; just a basic network connection (wired or wireless) and your scale

operators are instantly producing scale tickets. Scale Management can work independently or customer service information with i-Pak or e-Pak; thus significantly reducing data entry while seamlessly passing scale transactions to billing and productivity. The Scale Management was developed by scale operators, so ease of use and quick data collection was critical. By operating on the 'cloud', transfer stations, scales, landfill's and MRF operations can quickly and cost effectively deploy and support additional sites. Management can easily view key reports in real time, managed day to day transactions, and easily monitor scale operators progress for increased security.

The Scale Management is certified by the National Conference of Weights and Measures and will interface to most any vehicle scale and indicator.  Below are a few highlights why you need to consider Scale Management for your operation.

  • Integration with 3rd party billing system (if needed).
  • Corporate wide security with a single operational platform.
  • Centralized pricing, credit and taxation control.
  • Seamless integration with i-Pak or e-Pak.
  • Ideal for transfer stations, landfills, recycling centers, and MRF's.
  • Vehicle ID or license number search options.
  • LEED Reporting for sustainable green building reports.
  • Box or container ID (pre-stored tare weights).
  • Flexible incoming / outgoing options.
  • Flexible material codes and ticket generations.
  • Security controls for each scale operator.
  • Unattended scale stations.
  • Flexible payment options right at the scale house window.
  • Detailed vehicle information direct from i-Pak or e-Pak.

The core Scale Management product includes the following:

  • Easily separate commingled material per vehicle.
  • Bill and track inbound / outbound loads by volume/yards or units.
  • Store vehicle, tare, and customer information.
  • Track material inventory (both inbound and outbound).
  • Size / charge code direct from work order.
  • Custom scale tickets are optional.
  • Provide temporary scale ticket for onsite notification.
  • Tiered pricing.
  • Point of sale transactions  (cash, P.O., or credit card).
  • Weights and invoicing using U.S. Standards or Metric.
  • Special waste tracking (both inbound and outbound).
  • Variable reporting tools - hundreds of reporting options.
  • All interactive with i-Pak or e-Pak (work orders, drivers logs, route costing).