Soft-Pak for Municipalities

The benefits for municipal clients can differ from that of commercial haulers; here are some highlights that outline past examples of why municipal clients rely on the i-Pak or e-Pak system.

  • Single point of data entry for all your activities (billing, routing, dispatching, scale house, Landfill, vehicle management, GPS tracking, EVERYTHING)
    Enter customer information ONCE.
    Resolve customer support issues quicker
    Find / review month end invoice issues quick and easy
    No more 'manual route sheets' or 'sticky notes as reminders for billing'

  • The ability to integrate with legacy applications
    Leverage legacy billing systems that require integration

  • A comprehensive billing package
    Master / Sub billing for large clients
    Allow customers to order and pay for services online
    Customized invoicing that can be sent via PDF automatically

  • Productivity
    Reporting on A/R, Inventory, Customer Service, Drivers logs, and Collections
    Verify vehicle maintenance reports and plan for scheduled maintenance

  • Investment Protection
    Ideal for smaller municipalities (e-Pak) with limited IT budgets
    Robust enough to support large municipal haulers with specific requirement
    A modular software program that allow for future growth

  • Industry Experience
    The Soft-Pak staff has the waste experience (both on-site and front office) you need
    Be trained from industry professionals that understand your operation

  • Support and Development
    Soft-Pak consistently updates the i-Pak and e-Pak product; including new version releases every 18 months
    Annual users meeting and "open form discussions". We listen to our customers needs
    Free on going web based training to assist with new customer service hires

    24x7 on-call support. 5am to 5pm local time support from our knowledgeable staff 

  • Reliability
    Server based (i-Pak) with DR availability or 'cloud computing' via a complete DR Data Center (e-Pak)
    The only waste management system that runs with a 99.995% available uptime
    Leverage all existing computers, networking and storage applications. Both i-Pak and e-Pak run all Microsoft operations applications