e-Pak Lite: Software for Smaller Operations

QUICKBOOKS vs. e-Pak Lite. Do you keep QuickBooks after you have licensed e-Pak Lite? The answer is YES. QuickBooks is designed to handle basic accounting and tax preparation work, and it will continue to function in that manner. e-Pak Lite provides all revenue information to any accounting package whenever you want.  Hence your accounting package will continue to handle your accounts payable (paying rent, lease on trucks / bins, etc..), manage your balance sheet and provide month end / quarter end / or yearly profit and loss and cash flow statements.

This solution is affordable, easy to install and easy to use. There is no additional hardware or software to buy, simply connect via the internet and run your business securely. E-Pak Lite is a member of the Soft-Pak family of products; which means investment protection. As you grow and require more from your software (ie.... scale software, mobile computing, etc....), e-Pak or i-Pak are both available with credits for previously licensed software.

Give the Soft-Pak sales team a call (888-763-8725) for a demonstration.