e-Pak: Web Based Software

The only difference between e-Pak and i-Pak is a decision on how you want to support the application. In today's world of accessible high speed internet and increased security, organizations have varied concerns that need to be addressed. Financial availability and internal resources are always a factor, however ongoing costs (both in time and required maintenance) need to be evaluated to make the right decision. Purchasing a server is one thing, but having a knowledgeable staff and the resources to support it while creating a disaster recovery plan are items that need to be addressed. Below is a list of questions that should be asked when considering what platform is best for your operations:

  • Do you currently own an internal server and who maintains the hardware?
  • Can your IT staff address additional hardware concerns?
  • Is your data secure and do you have an disaster recovery plan?
  • Is your data securely stored off site?
  • Does your office support high speed internet?
  • Do you require database access from home or do you support remote locations?
  • How easy is it to incorporate additional sites and users?
  • Are you acquiring or adding new facilities?

Soft-Pak created the e-Pak solution in 2002 when customers requested an affordable yet comprehensive operational software package. The continued investment in e-Pak has been significant, but so has the popularity. Still not sure what is best for you? consult with our account managers and they can address technical and pricing questions. The best decision is an informed decision.... let us help you make the right choice for your operation.