Terrell Garrett, Armstrong Disposal

 e-Pak allowed us to reduce a full-time office position to just 3 hours per day. What a savings.

e-Pak Lite: Software for Smaller Operations

e-Pak Lite is a secure hosed solution that provides a scaled down version of the popular e-Pak product. e-Pak Lite offers all the necessary functionality to run most commercial, residential, and roll-off activities at an affordable price. With no hardware investment needed, this cost effective solution allows up to 3 users to securely access company data via any internet connection (DSL, cable, wireless, or cell phone) and effectively run your business. Ideal for smaller hauling companies that can not afford an in-house server and the resources to support it. The solution is PC and printer independent, meaning e-Pak Lite works with your existing infrastructure. License e-Pak Lite or pay a low monthly fee based on the number of users you require. Either way, all customer support, product updates and upgrades and data storage is included. Our data centers are redundant and designed to securely store all customer and billing information. Easy to use, built in security, all at an affordable price; now that is running your operations smart.

Many e-Pak Lite customers make the decision to migrate to this solution because QuickBooks does not support their needs. Designed to ensure easy and accurate routing, billing, and customer management, e-Pak Lite saves each client time and money. Run your operation more effectively by managing all your data in one system. Below are some PROVEN advantages you will find with e-Pak Lite:

  • Eliminate multiple data entry. e-Pak Lite does it all 
  • Guaranteed billing for each service your offer
  • Route management for different lines of business
  • Complete customer management that is easy to use
  • Inventory tracking
  • Day end, month end billing runs that take minutes..... not days
  • Support from a company that knows the waste business and has hundreds of customers

When your operation has grown to the point where basic accounting software is preventing your business from moving forward, e-Pak Lite has proven to be a logical next step. For more information on e-Pak Lite, please click the "more" option below.