e-Pak: Web Based Software

e-Pak is a secure web based solution that provides complete i-Pak functionality without a hardware investment. Ideal for any operation that does not care to support an in house server. A standard high speed internet connection (DSL, cable, wireless or cellular) is all that is required, as e-Pak is platform and network independent. The e-Pak solution provides an advantage by not having to deploy onsite hardware. Company's continue to user their existing printers for invoicing and reporting; as e-Pak works with most all standard PC's and printers. License e-Pak outright or pay a low monthly fee based on the number of users; both include customer support, software updates with securely stored and archived data.

Soft-Pak continues the infrastructure investment by the availability of a secondary on line data center in early 2010. Both data centers are owned, managed and supported by Soft-Pak; as we do not outsource our equipment, software or support. No expense has been spared, as each data center maintains redundant power, connectivity, storage, and replacement equipment on site. Soft-Pak has deployed the latest mirroring DR 'disaster recovery' software to ensure constant and reliable data backups in case of any emergency. Fast, secure and reliable; with hundreds of users around the world supporting their billing, routing, scale and fleet operations, e-Pak continues to deliver value.

Is your data secure on e-Pak..... you bet. All data access is securely controlled by the client, so only company management or authorized administration have access. Prevent data loss, secure corporate information and ensure a redundant operation..... all taken care of by e-Pak.

If you make a decision at a later time to purchase your own hardware and support your own infrastructure, migration to i-Pak is seamless. No retraining your users, no database conversions or awkward or unfortunate down times; let our internal support team know and the Soft-Pak team will migrate your data. In addition, Soft-Pak will apply one-half of your paid e-Pak fees towards the licensing of i-Pak, up to 50% of the i-Pak software license. Now that is running your business smart.... with investment protection!