Management Team

Soft-Pak's team consists of highly skilled individuals who specialize in the fields of programming, software development, information management, training and business management. It is one thing to have these skills...and quite another to have these skills AND industry knowledge. Most of our employees have this unique qualification. For example, our installers and trainers are ALL from the waste industry and possess years of industry experience before they joined Soft-Pak. The average Soft-Pak team member has been with the company nine years and some as many as 24 years. We DO NOT outsource our training or on-site services. We are stable, experienced and dedicated to our clients and prospective customers.

Soft-Pak's highly trained management professionals are dedicated to total customer satisfaction. Their experience, expertise, dedication and commitment to excellence continue to be the driving force behind our continued success.

Brian Porter - President
Brian was introduced to Soft-Pak in 2006 and became the majority equity partner in 2007. After graduating from the University of Southern California, Brian spent 10 years working with Lucent Technologies in the core routing and switching division and 6 years within the document management industry. He has come to Soft-Pak to manage the day to day operations and work with the existing management team on long term product direction and decisions. His past experiences will ensure Soft-Pak's position as the leading software provider in the waste and recycling industry. Brian resides in San Diego with his wife and three children.

Carla Walsh - Vice President of Support Services
Ms. Walsh holds a degree in computer science and has been an integral part of Soft-Pak from its inception. Being the first employee at Soft-Pak, Carla has been with the company for more than 25 years. She helped build the foundation of the i-Pak product & now serves as VP of Operations and Support Services. Her depth of experience has made her an invaluable resource in the areas of programming, accounting and business management for the waste industry. Carla is a member of the board of directors of Elder Law and Advocacy, a California non-profit organization.

Darryl Cooksey - Vice President of Information Technology
Mr. Cooksey is a graduate of San Diego's Coleman College with a degree in Information Technology. He began his career at Soft-Pak in 1990 as a programmer; and today manages Soft-Pak's Information Technology department. His vast experience incorporates programming in several languages, hardware experience with Microsoft and IBM servers as well as office applications and system operating software (DB2, Microsoft, Novell, etc..). He is an IBM Certified Specialist in iSeries/PowerServer technical solutions and design.

Dawn M. Wittig – Vice President of Operations
Ms. Wittig graduated from the University of Southern California with a bachelors in exercise science and has been involved in the waste and recycling industry for 20 years. Dawn has worked at Soft-Pak in support services, as a training manager and eventually Vice President of Operations. Her past experience working with different waste hauling operations will assist us with product direction and implementations.

Eddie Garratt - Vice President of Development
Mr. Garratt graduated from Coleman College in 1983 with a degree in computer science. He first worked as a programmer and systems analysis at Reynolds and Reynolds from 1984 to 2001. His tasks included System 36 and AS/400 discovery and programming. He came to Soft-Pak in 2001, became a manager in 2009 and eventually Vice President of Development in 2011. An avid runner and accomplished umpire for local high school baseball, he enjoys outdoor actives with his wife and two children. Eddie has been known to leave his work stress behind when he takes off each spring for a week of long range fishing in the Pacific Ocean.

Steve Belt - Sales Manager
Steve Belt joined Soft-Pak as a Support Services Associate in May 2000 and was promoted to Support Services Manager in August 2003.  Prior to joining Soft-Pak, Mr. Belt spent two years working at Waste Management where he learned different aspects of the waste business. Mr. Belt was recognized for his outstanding efforts in customer service and problem solving while at Waste Management. He holds a bachelor's degree in environmental studies from the University of Iowa. In 2007, Mr. Belt moved from support services to sales and now manages the Western Region for Soft-Pak.

Susan Sommer - Field Support & Training Manager
Mrs. Sommer joined Soft-Pak as a field support associate in 2001 after five years of experience in the hazardous waste industry. Susan has been instrumental in traveling and providing remote assistance for numerous Soft-Pak clients by assisting with user training, providing System Utilization Audits and managing 'go live' conversions. Susan was promoted to Field Support Manager in 2010 and now managers the field support team.