Integrated Software Modules

i-Pak and e-Pak are complete solutions; however different organizations have different needs. Each product suite allows customers to choose what they need. All modules integrate with i-Pak or e-Pak, which ensures ease of use and a continued reliability. Click on the tabs below to learn more about each module.


With Mobile-Pak, drivers can easily view and scroll through their route list, update stop activity, and receive dispatched work in real time. Route information is easily entered via a drop down selection that instantly transmits back to i-Pak or e-Pak. Driver activities and their GPS locations are sent to customer service or dispatching and displayed via Google Maps™. All information flows back to i-Pak or e-Pak in real time with back office functions like route productivity, work orders, billing, and route follow up completed instantly.

Mobile-Pak can be mounted in the cab for one-touch use or carried by the driver for mobility purposes. Drivers can easily take photos, update notes, and instantly verify additional services with two "click's". Truck locations are displayed via GPS (see Map Pak); thus providing customer service and dispatching with an easy view of the entire fleet.

Mobile-Pak comes with:

  • Real time GPS tracking on Google Maps™
  • Scheduled and on call work sent instantly to drivers
  • Mapping of local streets and highways
  • Picture capabilities for overloaded / blocked containers
  • All driver activity is recorded
  • Enter weights from on board scales 
  • Recorded service time for each stop
  • Geo code each stop for route management
  • (Optional) Mount for in cab usage
  • (Optional) Rugged case for mobile durability
  • Enter scale information from disposal /transfer facility
  • Capture signatures for customer verification
  • Drivers can easily charge for and verify additional services
  • GPS locations available for playback purposes w/ MapPak

All from a cost effective and rugged hand held device that runs on the Verizon or ATT Network. Easily record an entire day's activity for playback purposes to ensure drive efficiencies. Improve your fleets performance with the most cost effective mobile application in the marketplace.


Map Pak works on the Google Map™ platform, the most powerful and cost effective mapping application on the market. Easily view and display all routes and their stops from the Soft-Pak dispatching center. Click on any stop to verify account information and services performed. Select any criteria to view various route types... example: same day routes, weekly routes, or different route types on different days. Visually identify overlapping stops and make the necessary changes to move stops and improve efficiencies. Take advantage of Google Map's™ route optimization to re-sequence stops on a route list within i-Pak or e-Pak.

Map Pak comes with:

  • Visually display routes in various colors
  • Utilize Google Map™ viewing (terrain, traffic, or satellite views)
  • Live traffic updates for drivers (via handheld - Mobile Pak) 
  • No software to load, manage, or update as streets are added
  • Geo Code directly from hand held to "pin point" a stop for route management
  • Easily route new customers by viewing surrounding routes of similar service
  • Route optimization and re-sequence via Google Map™
  • Display and record all driver activities for playback purposes
  • Increased customer service with driver and route verification

Map-Pak works in conjunction with Mobile-Pak, by displaying the location of all active mobile devices on the Google Map™ display. Each driver's GPS location is sent to i-Pak or e-Pak in real time, providing instant verification of vehicle location for optimum efficiencies. Provide your clients with better service while reducing drive time and dispatching errors. View traffic in real time to help make judgment calls for on call dispatched work. Save time, save money and manage your entire fleet while optimizing scheduled and unscheduled routes. Map Pak and Google Map™, the smart choice for managing your routes and fleet.



How can e-mailing an invoice or statement be a bad thing? In today's economy, more and more people receive and pay bills on line; why not offer this service in an automated fashion directly from i-Pak or e-Pak. Changing a customer from paper to e-mail billing is easy. From each customer profile screen, enter in the e-mail address you want bills to be sent to, then select if your customers would like an e-mail invoice and/or statements, regular print, or both when their bills are generated.

Reasons for implementing e-mail billing:

  • Less of an impact on the environment - GO GREEN
  • Eliminate costs associated with traditional print / mail
  • More efficient - customers receive their bills instantly
  • Increased security reduce identity theft with print / mail
  • Eliminating the cost of re-printing or faxing of invoices
  • Collect on receivables faster. E-mail delivery is instant
  • With Web-Pak, clients can view historical statements and print a PDF without calling customer service.
  • 12% of customers choose e-mail billing within the first 6 months. - Forester Research

So your customer does not want e-mail delivery. No problem, simply continue to provide the same print mail service you currently offer. If you work with an outsource company, the auto generated file will continue just as normal with the e-mail only recipients omitted. Save money while providing a better service, how can you beat that? A win win for customer and hauler. With i-Pak or e-Pak all PDF's are automatically generated and sent with just the click of a button. We do not store a PDF image, therefore storage and disk space is not an issue. Lastly, Soft-Pak does not charge a "per PDF click cost"; if a client requests the same invoices 10 times, your cost is still $0.

Custom invoices - no problem
Standard statements - no problem
Multiple page invoice / statements - no proble


A web module that allows haulers to extend account information and secure online payment directly from i-Pak and e-Pak. Web-Pak can run locally on a web server, an iSeries or on the Soft-Pak datacenter. By extending service information, e delivery and payment options directly to your consumer, you enable customers to easily request service changes, review current and historical account information and allow for secure payments at their convenience.  

Consumers have become accustomed to web based payments. You can easily offer that service while lowering the expense associated with printing of invoices and statements. Web-Pak is integrated within i-Pak and e-Pak, which leverages all the secuirty and performance of the DB2 database. Customers can securely view their invoices and statements, request service changes, and process credit, debit and e check transactions. All payments are posted in real time and deposited directly to your bank with an instant receipt for your client.


Some Highlights Include:

  • Web based credit, debit and e check payments that fund directly to your bank
  • Transaction records are instantly updated in i-Pak and e-Pak
  • Real time access to account activity for both vendor and customer
  • Automated delivery of invoices or statements via "e-alerts" or PDF's
  • Customized to fit within your existing website, logo's and company artwork
  • Easy access to view historical statements
  • Run locally or via the 'cloud' with Soft-Pak's datacenters
  • Reduced credit and debit transactions with partners e-onlinedata - card payment services  -

Collecting faster on receivables, while providing better customer service with less expense......that's Web-Pak. Allowing your customer the choice to receive invoices via the mail or electronically with a PDF. Efficiently managing accounts receivable, offering customers the ability to schedule service, make payments or view historical statements all with no interaction from customer support. Better customer service while lowering costs....all positively impacting the bottom line. If you are not allowing your customers to view & pay online, your competitor might be?

Just like all i-Pak and e-Pak modules, Web-Pak operates on the same integrated system and database.

Soft-Pak's NTEP/CTEP certified Scale House Management solution easily facilitates transaction control and material tracking at all of your scale sites. The automatic sharing of information between Scale-Pak and i-Pak or e-Pak significantly reduces data entry while seamlessly passing scale transactions to the powerful billing and productivity systems. The Scale-Pak product was developed by scale operators, so ease of use and data collection was critical. Extending the features and functionality of Scale-Pak while managing an entire operation with one system easily improves productivity, increases the number of trucks crossing the scale, and lowers operational errors associated with dual data entry. Leveraging the speed of the IBM iSeries and DB2 database allows for quick scale transactions with a security level that is unmatched. Scale-Pak is used at transfer stations, landfills, MRF's and recycling centers; assisting operators and allowing management the reports they need to make decisions based on accurate data.

The Scale-Pak module is certified by the National Conference of Weights and Measures and will interface to most any vehicle scale system and indicator.  Below are a few highlights why you need to consider Scale-Pak for your operation. 


  • Seamless integration with i-Pak or e-Pak 
  • Corporate wide integration with a single platform
  • Centralized pricing, credit and taxation control
  • Ideal for transfer stations, landfills, recycling centers, and MRF's 
  • Vehicle ID or license number search options
  • LEED Reporting for sustainable green building reports
  • Box or container ID (pre-stored tare weights)
  • Flexible incoming / outgoing options
  • Flexible material codes and ticket generations
  • Security controls for each scale operator 
  • Unattended scale stations -
  • Flexible customer payment options right at the scale house window
  • Detailed vehicle information direct from i-Pak or e-Pak.

The core Scale-Pak module include the following:

  • Easily separate commingled material per vehicle
  • Bill and track inbound / outbound loads by volume/yards or units
  • Store vehicle, tare, and customer information 
  • Track material inventory (both inbound and outbound)
  • Size / charge code direct from work order
  • Scale ticket generation
  • Provide temporary scale ticket for onsite notification
  • Tiered pricing
  • Point of sale transactions  (cash, P.O., or credit card)
  • Weights and invoicing using U.S. Standards or Metric
  • Special waste tracking (both inbound and outbound) 
  • Variable reporting tools - hundreds of reporting options
  • All interactive with i-Pak or e-Pak (work orders, drivers logs, route costing)

Vehicle Management

Soft-Pak's Vehicle Management module is used to track and analyze all major equipment costs within the organization. Whether its scheduled maintenance, ongoing repair or inventory costing, Vehicle Management is the module your mechanic and management will rely on to keep track of your fleet.

  • Rolling Stock: Trucks, Maintenance Vehicles, Administrative Vehicles
  • Stationary Equipment:  Bailers, Compactors, Containers
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Warranty tracking
  • Inventory control and tracking
  • Historical details on each truck or asset item

Your fleet is the most significant business investment you make.  Effectively managing and maintaining these assets can improve your bottom line. The i-Pak or e-Pak Vehicle Management module effectively manages repair orders (preventative maintenance and ordinary repairs), parts & services, labor hours, warranty tracking and much more! No more manual tracking and reporting in excel.

Just like all other i-Pak and e-Pak modules, Vehicle Management operates on the database. Your users will appreciate the fact they do not have to learn a different software systems for each business unit. Management can easily report on inventory, run productivity reports based on truck costing and schedule the right maintenance in advance. Your fleet is a big investment..... manage it.  

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Module

The optional EFT Module improves your cash flow by automatically debiting customer accounts for recurring charges. The EFT module will export records of authorized EFT customers to a work file during the billing process; this file conforms to the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA) format.




Sales-Pak is an optional, value added i-Pak and e-Pak component that seamlessly integrates with the customer service module and provides these primary functions:


  • Event Tracking
  • Contact Manager
  • Quote Generator
  • Sales Reports

Designed specifically to help improve your bottom line, the Sales-Pak module will significantly increase your sales team productivity while allowing management to forecast anticipated sales and create productivity and sales reports based on sales representatives. All tied to one central database, the Sales-Pak module is a must for any hauling company with multiple sales representatives.


Accounting Interface

The accounting interface exports general journal entries to your existing accounting package. Why do manual data entry when Soft-Pak has automated the process directly into your system; providing an efficient and accurate method of processing your financial data. The i-Pak customer service software interfaces to a wide variety of accounting and other financial packages which include but are not limited to, JD Edwards, Solomon, Great Plains, AccountMate, etc., providing accuracy, timeliness and ease of exporting journal entries directly into these products.


Lockbox Module


Today's increased automation in payment processing has allowed banks to reduce the cost of their lockbox banking services enough to make them economical for businesses of any size. Soft-Pak's Lockbox interface provides an automated process of importing cash receipts from a bank file, thereby ensuring timeliness and accuracy of the data and improving your cash flow. Soft-Pak has interfaces to most major banks.



Outsource Interface

The i-Pak outsource (Mail House) interface program exports a file containing invoice or statement details that can be sent to an outsourcing company for processing. This allows the Soft-Pak customer to take advantage of discounted printing and postage rates that can be offered by our partners CTP Graphics and DataProse (see partner section).



On Board Computing

An increasing number of waste industry companies are interested in OBC/GPS systems to increase driver efficiency, decrease operational costs, monitor vehicle usage, access route information, and increase overall operational efficiency. The i-Pak OBC Interface links i-Pak data directly to these systems, allowing users to exchange messages with drivers, create electronic run sheets and manifests, receive actual pickup and delivery results, gather vehicle specific data, and much more.

Soft-Pak has successfully delivered interfaces for Fleetmind and RouteWare OBC systems.  Capabilities vary between OBC vendors, give us a call to set up a demonstration or talk with other satisfied OBC / Soft-Pak clients.