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EasyRoute is an award-winning route optimization software solution used exclusively in waste collection, street sweeping and winter road treatment. EasyRoute helps customers dramatically cut operating costs by designing a more efficient set of routes. Using EasyRoute, they are able to reduce the time and mileage required to complete routes as well as properly balancing work between crews.


DataProse offers fully customized, fully comprehensive document output solutions, from concept, design, and custom programming to automated processing and state-of-the-art production.  With over fifty years of combined experience in personalized print, mail, and online communications, the team at DataProse delivers on the most elusive property of bill and statement presentment.

Card Payment Services

Card Payment Services specializes in payment processing for the Waste Management industry. As a fully registered Visa & MasterCard merchant process, CPS is typically able to reduce credit card expenses by up to 30%.

Coast 2 Coast Financial Solutions, Inc.

Coast To Coast Financial Solutions is a full-service, first-and third-party receivables management company. Coast to Coast offers cost-effective solutions that include both Flat Fee and Contingency Programs, for collection of outstanding receivables.

Wireless Links

Founded in 2000 & headquartered in New Jersey, Wireless Links leads the GPS based fleet management and asset tracking markets with unparalleled innovative hardware and software solutions. The Piccolo family of products for Fleet Management and Asset Tracking are the telematics industry’s most innovative and most complete GPS based mobile solutions that combine the latest technology in electronics with over 13 years of experience in developing innovation.

Fairbanks Scale

Improve throughput at the scale house by automating your gate and transactions with an unattended terminal. Auto attendants are designed to complement Scale Pak and the Scale Management solution. The auto attendants support RFID technology, credit card processing, remote diagnostic monitoring, audible instructions and video snapshot monitoring for security.

Route Smart Technologies

RouteSmart Technologies has developed a GIS-based system for route optimization for the sanitation, solid waste, recyclables and other fleets assets. The system is specifically designed for solving high-density routing problems for residential & commercial waste/recycling operations.

FleetMind Solutions, Inc.

FleetMind allows its users real-time feedback from the field to optimize productivity and manage by exception. FleetMind provides solutions for commercial, industrial and residential waste as well as recycling and portable toilets applications fully integrated with Soft-Pak.

Mainline Information Systems

Mainline Information Systems is one of IBM’s leading partners for hardware, software and consulting services. Mainline has provided hardware for Soft-Pak clients for over 20 years.


Routeware's hardware and software system enables haulers to increase profitability, improve operational efficiency and customer service. The on-board DMS5000™works in conjunction with Soft-Pak to replace all paper-based scheduling, dispatching and collection methods.


e-onlinedata offers transaction processing for waste and utility companies that is efficient and cost-effective. e-onlinedata offers discounted credit card processing fees for Soft-Pak customers.

CTP Solutions

CTP Solutions offers a complete solution for outsourced billing, collection and remittance services designed to improve operational efficiencies.