Our Soft-Pak training team is part of the implementation group that assists with converting and starting your initial billing cycles with i-Pak or e-Pak. These trainers have successfully trained small single users systems in addition to the large multi-state operation with multiple lines of business.

Training and support is key to a successful conversion; and the Soft-Pak team has the experience and staffing to address any need. Our training team consistently provides the necessary education and leadership to ensure a smooth transition.

Take the time to investigate so you can understand the value of a truly successful conversion; this is an investment in your future. What could be more important than having your customer service, operations, and executives in sync with your billing, routing, &/or scale software.

For additional training, please check out the training calendar under "CUSTOMER INFO". The training calendar is updated quarterly, with private sessions requiring at least two weeks advance scheduling. Take advantage of the FREE training that goes on every month for our existing users. For new employees or any that just need a refresher course, the free webinar training is available and is all part of the i-Pak or  e-Pak investment.