Soft-Pak Benefits

Software that is powerful and easy to use is a very good thing. Soft-Pak has spent 25+ years developing i-Pak and e-Pak specifically for the waste and recycling industry. Whatever services your operation provides, Soft-Pak has software that will service, ticket, invoice, collect and report on it. Below is a list of items that are a key benefit to users of i-Pak and e-Pak.

  • An easy to use application, specifically designed for all aspects of the waste, recycling, or any hauling operation 
  • A single database mean users only need to learn one program  
  • Ongoing web based training
  • Automated e-mail billing to reduce postage & paper invoices
  • Annual User Group Meeting to review processes with other waste operations 
  • Onsite training and System Audits available 
  • A support staff with 100+ years of combined waste and recycling experience  
  • Test environments to allow users a "trial" before "go live" 
  • User Defined Security  
  • Detailed standard reports with optional customization
  • Modular system that allows users to "use what they need" 
  • An experienced conversion team to help understand and train new users 
  • Twenty five plus (25+) years of business with hundreds of references

Different software packages offer service, billing or routing functions; only i-Pak and e-Pak bring them all together in an easy to use system that comes with onsite or remote based training. You no longer require multiple databases or need to learn different software packages to run your business..... i-Pak and e-Pak does it all.